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A day in Africa

  1. Nothing beat the melodious sounds of cheerful birds announcing the arrival of a new day. The cracking bamboo door unshered me to the majestic African sun and it promises to be an eventful day. The peaceful greating of the locals mingle with the gentle whisper of the early morning breeze blended well to console my curiosity. In news, i was told daily of farmine, wars and genocide in Africa, but what my eyes saw was rather a people who are proud of the beauty of nature and ligt years away from the pollution of the so called midern world. They are no doubt a people who daily carees contentment and time had been favorable indeed. Dust came and the songs of frisky kids was a home call. Above my head, or rather westward, the crimsomn sun curve and is quite reluctant too take its face away from this adorable peasants. The moon came without draging its feet and quietness shallow the little paradise of love, broken occasionally when an owl call for her mate. Africa is indeed my mother land!

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