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A day to say account of an Englishman in Japan

  1. This blog is an account of the trials and tribulations that I face on a daily basis as an Englishman living in Japan. With grand aspirations to learn the language whilst attempting to pursue a career as a playwright, as well as a genuine sense of my own complete ineptness, this blog should act as a fascinating insight into what it is like to be a Gaijin living in Tokyo.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hamlet,
    This sounds like a fabulous blog to read and enjoy but you haven't left a link to it so we aren't able to get to it.
    This link will let you know how to link your user name to your blog so we can click on it and read it.
    Plus 7 other good things to know. :)

  3. Man, I really want to read this blog, because
    1) seems interesting
    2) Gaikokujins in Japan interest me
    3) Playwright?! again, I is interested in.

    Please post a link!

  4. Me too, this is like standing in a line waiting. I love Japanese everything! and poetry... the suspense! Hamlet, where are you....

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