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    So I blogged on my friends blog for about a year, posting daily, everything belonging to me.

    Lately, we had a problem blogging together so I packed up, moved my posts, images, etc. to a new self hosted blog.

    I deleted all my content from his blog — and he had an export file — and imported it back!

    That is my content. Not his. I own it — I made it — I have every right to the material.

    He is claiming he is owning it — which is false — in fact, his friend is claiming HE owns it — although he never even worked on the blog until I moved.

    So basically here’s the central problem:

    I worked on a WordPress.com blog — I blogged on that blog. I owned the material I posted. >> I moved to a self hosted blog, brought everything I blogged to my site, including all of my POSTS, PAGES, and IMAGES. >> I deleted my content from the blog I worked on >> The blog owner had an export and imported all my files, post, pages, etc.

    It’s still my material, my content, and I removed it myself. They put it back on. That’s highly wrong and unacceptable, and against the law.

    What would your advice be for me to do? WordPress has been given a few notices…


    hmm, just blog and dont care. I do that all the time. I don’t care really when someone just copy paste my posts : ) It is a waste of time to go after contents. besides those posts are old, and wont be of much use after a certain time period : D [like old newspaper]



    pengcheatscp – My advice is to follow tellyworth’s advice:




    Yea… and since when is a Teenager allowed to get a lawyer? I have an attorney but that is only for parental reasons… parents are divorced.



    As straw000 said – just move on. Life’s really to short to worry about stuff like this. And it’s probably arguable in law that as the blog’s owner, the copyright is your ex co-blogger, not yours.

    That aside, I’m with tellyworth – this isn’t the place.



    Move on? And continue to let my blog flunk in google? No way.

    Because of this blog, I have gone from rank 2, to rank 10.

    And it is mine. I have a copyright document on file at the us copyright place.



    This issue will be dealt with.

    If you post again on the same topic the thread will be deleted.

    You will not disrupt the forum simply because you fell out with someone.

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