A deleted BLOG user still has access on marketwatchsux.wordpress.com

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    An assigned ADMIN in the private blog deleted a user this morning.

    His USER does NOT show up in the USER LIST any longer. (Coonass1)

    Yet he STILL has access.

    I am the owner of the blog, (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is marketwatchsux.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry Rick, I’ll just go away and not post anymore. Thanks

    Sincerely yours


    Good find Wadster. Gotta give ya credit, or someone else told ya.


    You baited me, I took it. Now we both have to live with it.



    And Life goes on Brotherinlaw……. I guess I am ah Troll.

    Never would of seen it if I hadn’t got a new computer.

    Anyway., we got to get us all back together an move on.


    That’s pretty much it Jerry. It is what it is.

    I miss them (as you do) but it is too late now. They didn’t invite me, they didn’t invite you. So essentially, we BOTH hung ourselves.

    I couldn’t take it anymore after the gun comment. My father swallowed a gun in 1970 after killing my mom, and that is a line I will not accept.

    You knew it.



    You win…. Rick. I quit. Good luck dude.

    Look at it this way. We only got 20 years to go give or take either way.

    Everyday is a blessing in my book Sir.



    I don’t see that user name as a user on your site either, but it’s possible there is a second user name in use.



    Can I delete the entire blog then restore it, forcing this user to try and obtain new session cookies?



    Is there any way YOU can “restart” the blog?

    I have no way of determining if this Troll has been given someone else’s account and has changed the “display name”. If there is, please let me know.

    Is there anything WordPress can do in control of the blog?



    There is no way to restore a blog that has been deleted, so I strongly advise you to not do that.

    I see that the user removed someone else from the blog under his own username, so it must have happened before he was removed from the blog.

    At this point, I would simply spam any comments you have on your site from this user and keep your site private. I have removed him as a follower of your blog, so he cannot post any additional comments.


    Thank you zandrying, topic closed.



    He is STILL posting. Did someone else give him their account access?



    Hi there,

    Your final step was removing the user from here:

    I have done so for you, so you shouldn’t see any more issues.






    Done and done!

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