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A Desperate Request For Your Help!

  1. If a good man is poor and in bad health would people in America and/or in the State of Hawaii help this man? What if this man was an international celebrity, someone who our nation's news media has ignored. What if this man had the knowledge to end the Iraq War, bring our troops home safely, and reset our nation's priorities once again, would anyone then want to help this man or would they poo-poo him and say that this man is a lunatic.

    If people always told the truth and the truth was very hard to believe on account of our nation's government lies. How would people know the truth and would our nation then come to this man's aid and rescue?

    PLEASE read my story at my website.

    I wish that my blog would receive immediate national attention and that someone in Hawaii and others on the mainland US would come to my aid and rescue. Not only am I a good man, but I have a mission and agenda, both, to help my grandfather's land of China and at the same time do a world of good for America!

    I wish that my wordpress blog ( received immediate national attention. As well as the attention of everyone in the State of Hawaii!

    In 1990, I negotiated an end to the Iraq War. This is a war that need not be fought and an immediate withdrawal should be done and can be done by the Obama administration. Yet, Obama refuses and he doesn't tell our nation the real truth about this criminal and murderous war. $5.5 million per year appears to be too great a temptation for Obama!

    PLEASE make my wordpress website known nationwide!

    Also, see my other posting at


    The blog I need help with is

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