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A Different Kind of March Madness

  1. my friend managed to make it to the next round for a 20k scholarship! In order to keep moving on, she has to get the most votes. This round is super intense! Only the top 2 move on.

    So, it would be wonderful if everyone could help her by voting! She’s my best friend and really deserves to win! Just go down to the link in step 3 if you already have an account on Zinch!

    It doesn’t hurt to create an account. Zinch provides you with many scholarship opportunities. And you could even be selected as a finalist next year for this scholarship!

    If you don’t have an account yet,
    1. Create an account here:

    (If you’re don't want to fill out all the info, just choose “Working Professional”. Then uncheck the box that says you want Graduate opportunities. And then, check the box that says you didn’t go to college. Finally, all you have to do is fill out your name, gender, and high school grad date, which you can make up.) ;)

    2. Confirm email

    3. Vote for Angela Cai here:

    4. Send this message to all your friends, family, coworkers, etc..! Anyone can vote!

    THANK YOU!! I'd really appreciate it!

    Hurry! This round ends on Today (march 16)!

    P.S. We have cookies!

  2. Please help!
    There are only a few hours left!

  3. she made it to the 3rd round!!

    please help her out! Vote for Angela Cai at this new link:

  4. Sounds awesome! I voted, i'm running a March Madness on my site but my scores didn't turn out great. haha! Good luck to her!

  5. thanks!! =)

  6. hurry! this round ends on Monday, March 22 at midnight!!

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