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A domain is using my name without my permission

  1. How can I claim a domain that is using my name?

    Or at less find out who reserve a domain with my name ?

    You can imagine that is absolutely illegal and I want to sue to all responsables


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, it's not illegal.

  3. You don't own any rights to any blog URL here or anywhere else.
    Do you hold an international trademark?
    Are you aware that even if you do all that does is provide you with the right to take the issue to the courts?
    Please see these:

  4. And how do you know the person registering the name does not have a legitimate claim to use it - using your logic - any one with the imitials MLB would have a claim to that domain name - which is used by baseball (Major League Baseball) - so by your logic - since I also have those initials - the baseball people should give me the domain name -

  5. I also remember a man who was livid someone was "impersonating him on the internet" when it turned out his name was John Smith.

    International trademark or GTFO. Also note that it's a civil matter, not a criminal (illegal) one.

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