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a domain, two blogs & email

  1. Can i get a domain (i.e. and have two blogs on it, like or (and blog 2, obviously) and also have email adresses ?

  2. you can get a domain, but for the blog1/2 bit i don't think so, because we're using the wpmu install on you can do that if you're self-hosted using the wordpress software.

  3. You can have more than one blog (it's in dashboard somewhere)
    Also, you can have a SUBdomain(ie., but you have to find a domain register to make you a real domain (

    For E-Mail, you have to use your personal email, although Hotmail and Yahoo have options to change it to your domain.

    Basically if you want good functions you have to "pay" for it.

  4. i dont mind paying for them, money is not the matter (everything is cheaper than keep paying my .mac account), i just want to know if what i want can be done and HOW can i do it. i've read about getting a hosting and a domain, but i dont think i want to install and move from here.

  5. I think you have to ask staff for this one. My guess is that it would indeed be possible, but I wouldn't go spending the money till I'd heard back from them. And that probably won't be till Monday at least, now that it's the weekend.

  6. i won't go on spending any money until knowing if my request can be done. as far as i know i can get some space on a web host and place google apps there for my email and define subdomains for my blogs, but i dont want to install i guess i'll have to wait til monday.

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