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    A lot of time we need to link some files in the blog which accompanies the post. Like i link some files like .zip .tar.gz files in some posts. I need to manually link these. The problem is this makes it look like a normal link but not like a download button or something different. I would request WordPress.com to make a download or link shortcode using which the link will appear with a custom text and a fixed download button with colors or sizes which could differ. Manually adding formatting to each link is very difficult. For example check this post http://wp.me/pmGbq-39 where i myself find difficult to find owt the download links.

    The blog I need help with is phoxis.wordpress.com.



    I think I got same problem like yours. I want to put a
    downloadable file (.pdf) in a post so people can hit it and down load it.

    But I can’t do that. Anyone can help please?


    @hodactuc, this support document covers uploading and inserting documents into posts and pages: http://support.wordpress.com/uploading-documents/ .

    @phoxis, if they create an image and shortcode for a download link, half the people will hate it, half the people won’t care, half the people will want it animated, half the people will want at least 500 different icons to choose from for each different type of document, etc.

    Create your own icon, insert it into the posts/pages and then link it to the particular files.

    If you have a lot of them to do, insert the image once (without the hyperlink), then switch to the HTML tab, copy the code and paste it in below the other code as many times as you want. The go back to each one and add the hyperlink using the “link” icon.



    Good points, i should have thought about those problems. Yes it is good to add them manually, because i dont like those animated stuff and also those cheap bad button looks. Thanks!


    You can even if you want, after creating the code for one, copy that code and put it into a draft post or into a plain text file, and the just paste it into pages or posts when required and add the URL for the new uploaded document.



    Yes that is what i used to do for some formatting, although i saved the tag formats off-line, i also edit off-line so i have no problems for this matter. And i think i should keep doing this. If i ever need anything more professional which looks simple and cool i think i should go for the wordpress.com premium css editing feature and customise a download tag, its better than to clutter wordpress with glittering cheap download buttons.

    Thanks for the support.


    I have the same question as Hodactuc, but the support link doesn’t seem to answer it. I have audio files uploaded to my media space at wordpress.com but the download link which I create, using the method outlined in the support link you posted above, results in a direct link to the audio file. I’m after a direct link to a download dialogue box if that makes sense. Any suggestions? Thanks


    I have the same question as hodactuc but the support link above doesn’t seem to answer it. I have several audio files uploaded to my media space at wordpress.com and I want to be able to create a download link for them within a post. The support page shows me how to create a link to the file itself, but I’m after a link to a download dialogue box. Is this possible? Thanks

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