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A Facebook LIKE button that really works!

  1. Many thanks to for sharing the following post:

    I'm finally able to add a Facebook LIKE button that actually shares the blog post on Facebook in "Recent Activity" and the first post to incorporate this wonderful script is:

    Because this button does more than just LIKE I modified the button to include "Share" and if you like it, you're welcome to link or save on your blog

    <div><a title="Like this at Facebook" href=""><img title="Like this at Facebook!" src="" alt="Like this at Facebook!" /></a></div>

    Too bad users are left on the white screen and does not return to their blog post.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Note. the code snippet above uses a link to an image that has been deleted. The updated link to the "Like and Share on Facebook" button is

  3. Is it possible to turn this code into a bookmarklet that will automatically add the blog post permalink for you like the 'Add to Any' bookmarklet?

  4. shimworld,

    Thanks for trying out the Facebook Like button and thanks for the new button!

    Not yet. Sorry. I think I know how to do it, but I can't offer it because I don't know where to upload .js file - something I need for the magic button code - for free and with unlimited bandwidth and forever. Maybe Blogger and Google Code are safe, but I don't know....

    Does anyone know?

  5. Good news everybody! :D

    I have just created the code that will add the Facebook Like feature in a blog post instantly and you don't even have to leave your blog editor to add the button (works just like the share button by Addtoany).

    How to add the Facebook Like feature in a blog post in ONE click.

  6. You can get all kinds of compatible buttons (including FB like) here:

    Paste the code into your post when in HTML and then switch back to visual and centre, edit, etc. as you like.

    It is very easy and works well. You can see how I have it set up on my blog.

    Good luck.

    John Zimmer

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