A feature for discussions well suited to compare different opinion/ideas

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    I would suggest a feature that give any WordPress blog owner the possibility to set up discussions where participants publish posts by turns. This can give to the reader an ordered and equal alternance of the reasons and points of view of all participants. And also give to each participant more time to examine what the others write, consult documentation, receive suggestions and to think about the appropriate replies.

    This render it a valid tool especially for debates about any type of disagreement/controversy or between candidates to any type of position.

    The system may work as follows:

    The blog owner can create one or more discussions.

    For each discussion he can admit or invite the participants he want. He set the time limit, that is the time each participant has for publish before miss a turn. He can also set the maximum length of each post.

    Thus, there is a list of participants. At the start, it’s turn of the first of the list to publish a post. The others aren’t able to publish until he has done or the time limit pass. If he don’t publish by the time limit, he miss a turn.

    Next, the turn shift to the second of the list, that can receive a notice by mail or other. And so on, until the last participant. Then the cycle restart.

    The blog owner can add, remove or block partecipants, or can even block the entire discussion, forever or for a certain amount of time.

    Each participant can remove himself, or simply block temporary if he can’t partecipate for a period.

    Apart this procedure, all other features are like a common blog, depends on settings: it can be public or private, readers can contribute via comments or not, there are the usual systems for stay updated (mail alert, rss, etc.).

    Readers could also have the possibility to vote for the participant whose posts they prefer.

    It could be the possibility to vote the discussions across the entire wordpress.com, that could have a section dedicated to these discussions with lists of top rated and most followed, lists by argument, tools like search, etc.



    Sounds like you just invented a new kind of competitive forum. Good luck; it should be codeable, but that depends on your skills.

    WordPress is blogging software. You might find pickup of your idea greater at a forum software site. It does sound intriguing, but I don’t think WP.com is really the place to bring this about.



    Take a look at this: http://www.youmepolitics.us/about/ It’s somewhat similar.



    Actually, the discussion mechanism that I propose can even be implemented in a particular form of forum system, though in a forum there isn’t separation between posts and reader’s comments like a blog form.

    Even if a forum system may be better than a blog for it, my idea it’s simply an optional feature than the single WP blogger can decide if it can be useful for his particular case or not.

    An application of my idea can be a case like this: John is a blogger that in his blog defend a certain opinion about something. He knows that Jim, maybe another blogger, strongly oppose to that opinion. John can tell to Jim: “Do you want to debate with me in my blog? We write post by turns until you want to partecipate.”



    Then suggest it to staff if you feel it works for WordPress.com.



    I thought that this forum section was the place for suggest new ideas. There is a section where I can contact the staff for send suggestions and not for support requests?



    I honestly think they created this forum to let people blow off steam, not to foster new suggestions. Contact staff via your dashboard Help button to reach them directly.

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