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A feature for sending update Email's to freind's and visitors

  1. Hello...

    Could we have a feature that Allow us to send email's to people we know..such as friend's and other's who aint member's at wordpress.

    I have alot of people both Friend's and other's wich are interested in new's from my site..but dont want a membership..


    Shia online

  2. How about getting them to sign up to your RSS feed?

    They could also use one of the many notification services such as feedburner. It will automatically (I believe) let them know when you make a new post.



  3. Half the folks who would like to read my blog have no idea what an RSS feed is. Many of them only have the internet for email usage and nothing else.

    I too would really like a feature that would send email updates or notifications.

    I went to set up a feedburner account as suggested, but then couldn't figure out how to get their HTML code for the sign up form into my blog so it would function properly. I tried it as a sidebar widget, and as a link.

    So, is there a email notification service that is more compatible with WordPress than feedburner (and fb options)? OR, can't you just create a widget for such purposes?

  4. same problem like me. widget would be cool :/

  5. Staff has stated in the past that this would lead to abuse by spammers.

    Why not just point them to a webpage notifier that send out an email when a site gets updated?

  6. shiaonline: sign up for FeedBlitz and then send them an email asking them to subscribe.

    Here's an example of the subscription services I use on my blog:

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