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A few questions

  1. How to add "about author" under every post? Like Timethief has above the comment box.
    What are these excerpts? How do they work?
    How does Zementa work?
    And an Idea
    Last night when I was writing a great article about photography. My PC was turned off unintentionally. I'm sure I had saved the whole article but there saved only the picture in the draft. Please Staff do something about it. This is becoming an issues these days. Please make autosave more accurate. Make it to start saving process after every word or maybe two or three words. I'm depressed cause I lost the pillar sentences of the post and I don't remember what were they.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you realise how SLOW everything would get if the "save" methodology you suggest was implemented???

  3. I had added Zementa but I didn't new how it works. Thanks
    Hi TeamO your comment seems to be logical :) But staff should do something to avoid article loss.

  4. They can protect against only people using within the limitations. You always have the option to go outside,

  5. Was That a ghost? O mom I'm scary. Where is the other commenter?
    Was he spam?

  6. Sober up first, THEN ask questions.

  7. @hnsaifi

    Please take responsibility for copying all of a draft, then saving on a regular schedule. WordPress is not responsible if your PC is turned off for unknown, unanticipated, and uncontrollable reasons.

    Some themes display an author profile, some do not. If you want to display your profile after each post, then switch to a theme with that feature:

    Have you read the support documents about Zemanta? That is the best place to start to learn about it:

  8. @hnsaifi

    Please re-consider:

    Was That a ghost? O mom I'm scary. Where is the other commenter?
    Was he spam?

    It could be you! Spamming the forums is not acceptable. I am hoping you have read and understood this:

  9. @Raincoaster lol :)

    Oh Thank you itess. Thanks.
    I've already read that article about Zemanta in fact I have zemanta but I didn't know how does it work. And a ghost came to tell me that it gives you the tag suggestions.
    Have you removed that person due to some sort of spamming?
    I used to write articles in the new post box. Load shedding is a problem here and no one knows when electricity switched off :( . Should I write it in some other other place first?

  10. It could be you!

    I'm telling you there was a person who did post the comment here first and I think Staff removed it or he might be stuck in the filter spam.

  11. Well, it was not I who spammed someone in this thread. But there have been lots of gremlins in the forum this evening…

    I answered your other two questions above. If you want an off-line editor try Live Writer. Lots of folk use it and it is free.

    What specifically about Zemanta do you not understand?

  12. Or, we could assume you're making stuff up. What's more likely?

  13. I've understand it now. Yesterday there was a huge number of spammers along with other members asking for help here but there was not any volunteer. Yesterday I posted as many as 100 comments here to help people. I never mean to get backlinks or clicks from here in the forums. How can I depend upon a source which gives me less than 1% of the total views?
    I apologies to everyone here in this thread. And a special thanks to 1tess for the help and suggestions.

  14. So, when you do X
    Y is the result.

    I would suggest if you do not want Y as a result, do not report X.

  15. What's this x and y? Please explain it. I didn't get it.

  16. After I lost an entire post (NO idea where it went), I decided to write them in my word processor and then copy/paste them into WordPress.

    That way I don't lose them. Even if you don't have a word processor you probably have wordpad or some such thing in your accessories.

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