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    There’s this French lady who wants to get off my followers’ list. She has written to me 3 times over the last 2 months, asking me to delete her. I have answered to her the previous two times (in English – I can read French but I’m hopeless at writing it) telling her that there’s no way I can do that, and she should use the link in the e-mails she receives. But obviously she’s either not understanding or not receiving my messages. Is there any other way we can get rid of each other?
    Blog url: http://gio162.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is gio162.wordpress.com.


    She is the only one who can remove herself, because she’s the one who starting following you in the first place. You have explained to her how to remove herself from the email updates with the link in the emails. If she followed you using the ‘Follow’ button on your blog then she can go back onto your blog and click the ‘Follow’ button again to unfollow.



    Thanks, but if I failed to communicate effectively about the unsubscription link, I doubt that I’ll have any success e-mailing her about the Follow button. She e-mailed me 3 times her request to be unsubscribed, and it’s like she never read what I’ve written to her. If she doesn’t realize that she can do it herself, and I can’t make her understand it, isn’t there any way that WordPress support can get her off my blog’s mailing list? To make us both happy?



    She chose to follow your blog and if she won’t try to understand how to ‘unfollow’ then i’d just ignore her as the problem is hers!! but that’s just me. I’m replying to this to bring it up to the top of the forum in case timethief, or someone else knows if staff can remove her because i always assumed they can’t,



    No Staff is not going to delete any follower from your blog. How would they determine whether or not that person actually wanted to be removed?

    Followers control whether or not they read new posts blogs they follow in their Reader or receive posts by email. They also control the frequency they receive posts by email from blogs they follow.

    1. They can click the “unsubscribe” link on the emails of the post they receive.

    2. Or they can go here > http://wordpress.com/#!/read/edit/ and locate this:
    “Get new posts by email” in the dropdown they have these choices:

    3. They can also click the “x” next to any blog there to unfollow it and no longer receive posts in their Reader or by email.



    Thanks. In that case I fear that we’re stuck with each other – not very satisfactory from my point of view. She’s on the e-mail followers list, so she probably does not have a WP account, in which case I guess the link(s) in the e-mails are the only way she can manage the subscription, right? And if she hasn’t figured them out until now – maybe because of the language, I don’t know… – then we’re up against a dead end. I’ll just have to ignore her then.

    Timethief, if staff wanted to know for sure that the person wanted to be deleted, they could ask me to forward them one of the e-mails in which she asks me. Also, the deletion could be subject to confirmation from her e-mail address, as is the subscription.



    That’s right. All she has to do is click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email she receives.

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