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    On a certain “table of contents” at my site, my lines of text are wrapping round and forming two links out of one. I can show you the link to make this clearer:


    You can see that on my links for Chapter 18, 19 and 26, that is what is happening. I realize the line is only a certain length and otherwise this is perfectly fine. But aside from shortening chapter titles (which I could do–some of those long ones were my co-author’s invention), is there any way to make “double links” stay as single ones?

    Also, is there a means of indenting the part of a line that wraps, so that it looks better and is easier to read?

    The blog I need help with is ladyaeolusia.wordpress.com.


    That’s because you have accidentally added pragraph breaks inside the link text. Just edit the post to delete the breaks.

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