A friendly advice… Content thieves on WordPress.com can hurt your blog…

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    The following might look like self-promotion but in fact the idea came from one of my readers. I didn´t have the idea to mention the article here.

    I wrote one article about my experience with content thieves on WordPress.com: http://diaryofdennis.com/2013/09/10/for-the-bloggers-be-careful-if-you-reblog-content-from-other-blogs/

    And one of the readers of my article said that it might be a good idea to mention the story here and that I should send a note to WordPress to put a tip about this in their daily blog posts.

    WordPress is a great place with a very friendly and creative community. But lately I have experienced that there are also some black sheeps who could hurt us all. Content thieves. I explained it in my article. For example… Image you reblog stolen content without even being aware of the fact that it is one stolent article. It would mean you put a link to a blog with content theft or duplicated content and the result might be that Google will punish your blog for it, as Google does dislike links to bad websites like those. It´s a SEO fact.

    What I suggest to the WordPress team (and as said this is no self-promotion)… you should put an article about this topic up on the Daily Post. It´s not self-promotion as I don´t even expect to be mentioned in the article. I rather expect that the community should get aware of the topic and that their blogs could be hurt by Google without even knowing why. Reblogging for example could be a reason if you reblog bad and stolen content.

    The solution is mentioned in my article. Nothing is bad with reblogging. But be careful and proof with help of the google search, if you will reblog original and clean content or if it is stolen content whichyou never should reblog!

    Please understand this is no self-promotion… I simply want people to get aware of something they might not have expected. Your project can get punished if you reblog duplicated content (in SEO terms).

    So, please be careful with what you share. Fortunately 99% of our community consists of friendly, fair and very creative people who write own content. But sadly there are also the 1% you maybe didn´t expected. And the 1% are able to hurt your blog if you are not aware of what I said.

    Best wishes,

    The blog I need help with is diaryofdennis.com.



    Of course that’s self promotion. The link to Google’s disavowing backlinks instructions is found here https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2648487?hl=en


    It was a suggestion of my readers to mention it here. :(

    Self promotion is not my motive. Well, please delete the whole post if you think so.

    Best wishes,



    It sounds to me like the assumption that I have planed the blog post and forum post here to get attention.

    That´s frustrating.

    As said… any mod or admin should delete the whole forum post here.

    Best wishes,


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