a gambling site linked to one of my posts

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    please help… a gambling site linked from blogspot to one of my posts called Ephesians 2:8-10… when I went there, and tried to comment to ask them to remove the link, they have my email addy to reply to and say that I am the user of the site.

    I thought the spam control here Akismet or whatever it is called, was supposed to catch these things? please tell me how I can remove this link and prevent it from happening it again.



    If a blogspot blog linked to one of your posts on “their” blog, you would need to contact google (blogspot) about getting them to remove the post or link. If they created a post and sent a “trackback” to your post, you can delete that linkback in your Comments section of your blog, but the post would still be on Blogspot requiring you to contact them.

    If a customer is doing something wrong on a hosting service, you need to contact their host and tell them about it! Staff would have no control over blogs from other hosts. Akismet will control spam comments and trackbacks “to your blog” by cannot control blog copiers!


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