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A good gift from the administration of the!?!?

  1. Dear users, I want to tell you nasty story that happened with me.

    More than a year I have, together with wordpress, I have account and 6 blogs. The most successful 3 of them, one auto blog (autoworld.wordpress) and 2 are devoted to FREE trans radio show that every week you can hear on the radio di[dot]fm - A State of Trance with Armin Van Buuren (weloveatrance.wordpress) and Tiesto Club Life (tiestoclublife.wordpress). I love wordpress, its administration and support service and everything was good until 26 December 2008.
    I was guilty, because My blog is not consistent with the terms and conditions! But I do not agree with that! Let's explain who is to blame really!
    The day before, December 25, Armin Van Buuren on label Cloud9 with Armada officially released their album "A State of Trance Yearmix 2008". Our music store bought this album and I decided post it in my blog as gift for visitors on the New Year and holidays, as well as the birth of the great DJ Armin Van Buuren. I recall, the entire distributed music, I can grant a license! My blog post on Google request "Yearmix 2008" was on the second line after the giant Amazon[dot]com, which is distributing this album for $ 24. I assume that they (or another competitor) reported to the administration wordpress wondering what I am doing the proliferation of illegal copies of music and administration immediately blocked my account in accordance with the terms and conditions! I am not involved in the illegal distribution of music, I can grant a license, but unfortunately, nobody wants to listen to me! I already wrote 5 letters in support service, but not yet received any answers!
    And I want to know, why administration blocked my account with another blogs??

    Dear users, please let me know what you think about the incident! I simply want to continue my hard bloging work, because bloging is my life and many users waiting for recovery of my blog! Thankx for all who will support me! Thanx for administration!! I love wordpress!!

  2. I think nobody in the forums can offer you any assistance whatsoever. Just keep communicating with the staff via your dashboard and realize that over the holiday season they will be slower than normal in responding, because of limited time.

  3. I know about slower responding, but has already passed two days(( No reply((

  4. Fair enough. Contact them again, as this is time-sensitive.

  5. I know about slower responding, but has already passed two days(( No reply((

    It's because of the holiday hours you just have to sit back & wait for staffs
    reply posting to the forums isn't going to speed up their reply nor help your

  6. Ok, but how you assess this bad situation with blocking?

  7. serviceuntitled

    The best course of action is to contact our support / TOS team and they can check it out. They can definitely help you out, as long as you explain what happened and provide them with the information they need.

  8. When you contact Support, supply all the documentation that states you are legally permitted to distribute this music free to anyone. Also provide proof that you are allowed to use rapidshare, megaupload and other services to do this. Also supply proof that you are allowed to distribute dozens of other complete albums of his work.
    I have not come across downloads from rapidshare and cue files that are legitimate music industry methods of distribution.

    An email from the RIAA stating that you are correct would also assist.

    And a competitor? No - just someone who cares that music blogs should not be offering downloads that rob an artist of money of should be earning.

  9. Ok Mark, I try to contact Support, but after I sent you 5 letters, I have still not received any response!! It is on your right? Why between us there can be no dialogue? And why my another blogs was blocked????

  10. Artists lose money???!! Artists such Armin Van Buuren and his FREE (I underline FREE) trance radio show "A State of Trance" ( listen to millions of people on the planet, and Armin Van Buuren gets his millions not from the sales of albums (I underline albums, not episodes of FREE trance radio show), he gets it at concerts, but he plays his music not for money, he do it only for people!!! As you know, if somebody who want to download album for free always find place where to do it, and, in general, make music for money is good and many people such as think so, but such people as DJ Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren doing for the people, for facts, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren played hundreds of concerts in the Trance For Life - to support the fight against AIDS, so please do not humiliate people justifying such great artists that only do their music not for money. Money losing only the rich such as Amazon, who are doing everything for money, they don't write music!!!

    Thank you, if you understand me!!

  11. I understand that this isn't helping you. Mark's given you the specific documentation you need to provide. Slagging off other websites isn't going to help you, nor is continuing to post in the forum.

  12. Dear administration, please close this theme! Happy New Year for all!!

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