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A good way to assess how well your blog is doing?

  1. @teamoyeniyi - wow, that is great. I was feeling like hot stuff with 38.6%

    LOL - I am getting sucked into the vortex again...

  2. I was joking of course, hence the wink! Alexa doesn't give me any figures for bounces. I guess my site isn't big enough to register!

  3. I knew you were TLTCL - I looked you up on first! :)

  4. Alexa doesn't give me figures. It says none are available. Did you see figures and if so why can you see them but not me?

  5. No, TLTCL I couldn't see any figures for you either - but I did look you up. Sorry I wasn't clear - I didn't mean to imply I had seen anything (other than the overall rank).

  6. i wanna ask two things - first off, whats a bounce? i saw it at the end of the first page of this thread

    and also, just sorta branching off of the whole "how many views/stats should my page be getting" theme... how do i get get views or stats or whatever?

  7. On your dashboard it will say Site Stats, alternatively when you're on your blog at the top of the page it will have a picture of a histogram graph, click that.

  8. Oh, and a bounce is when someone visits your site and doesn't click on any other links, i.e they click on your site and then leave your site pretty much straight away.

  9. As for how to get views, do a forum search. That question has literally been answered thousands of times here, and the answers don't change.

  10. Yes, the answer is always going to be 'do a forum search'.

  11. Caramelloham - they may read the article they landed on - so may stay several minutes - but if they go nowhere else on your site other than that page, it is a bounce.

    My car review is probably a good example - I don't think people looking for it and reading it are interested in the rest of my site.

  12. Thanks for clearing that up; I pretend to know these things, but really I know squat!

  13. If you get more hits each month you're headed in the right direction. That's why I tell myself because it's the only constant flow of improvement that I have.

    -me contributing nothing

  14. Is alexa rank 1,370,392 good?

  15. are you able to set up Google Analytic on your account? That will tell you how people found you, what page they are getting to you on and where they are leaving, how long they are staying on your blog...
    Since I host my own wordpress I have this set up, but I am not sure on the wordpress hosted blog

  16. I can see all how people found me, how many they were, how many were online at a time what page they are getting to, from which country they came, what browser they are using. The only thing I can't get is where they're leaving. So I think I don't need google analytic nor it's available on Besides even google analytic can't tell me so many things.

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