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A google search reveals two entries for my blog.

  1. When I type my name and relevant search words into google 'David Straw human rights' there are two pages available. One of them says 'This is rather embarrassing, isn't it?'. The web address has 'helloworld' at the end of it, whereas the other one doesn't.
    Blog url:

  2. We have no control over what is displayed on the search engine page results pages. Over time you will publish posts and that entry will be driven down the search page results with your posts appearing above it.

  3. I get just a generic return from Google - the one sentence thing - but you have nothing in your blog - you really need to put some content in it - Posts are best - right now there is no reason for Google to ever stop by

  4. auxclass is right on. It takes time and the frequent publication of fresh content that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet to get search engine attention.
    10 factors that expedite indexing >
    Also note that it's posts that attract search engine attention, not pages.

  5. Thanks for your replies. More specifically, how do I get rid of this faulty link?

    Many thanks.

  6. Just delete it from your Dashboard >> Posts >> All Posts -

    However make sure you have at least one good Post or you will probably get a 404 Page Not Found Error

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