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a hackor delited my blog

  1. some one hacked my blog and delited it is thair any way of restoring it

  2. A link to your blog or where it was would help. Can't help you without information.

  3. Once a blog is deleted it's gone forever and cannot be restored. And the same url cannot be used again.

  4. That's for when users delete their own blog. Until we know whatspecifically is going on, we can't give an answer.

  5. Sure we can; contact staff.

  6. Considering the post in question, the threads we've had today, and there's no blog for this username, we don't even know if this person is hosted here at

    There's a method to my madness. Trust me.

  7. Of course now we'll never see this person again. And it's in the off topic thread. I should move it over to support but they'll probably not find it. *sigh*

  8. I guess the site was real important to the poster...

  9. Another CP "kid-blogger" with a blog:

  10. That's why I was asking for a link....

  11. The link to everettknag leads to a club penguin type site.

  12. Yes, but it's not a site.

    Note the second post in this thread.

  13. Point taken drmike ... we need to assume from the outset that they are all potentially blog aliens invading the wrong support forum ... lol :D And then we need to make them cough up their blog's url before we spend any time trying to help them. ;)

  14. Maybe we're all making a mountain out of a molehill and the hacker actually "delighted" the blog?

  15. I don't think we need to assume that every person posting here is in the wrong place or even in the right place. Just in this case, the poster made a statement where we needed to see what was occuring. Even if they sent in a ticket to staff, that would have been the first question made back.

  16. raincoaster, you kill me.

  17. @fracas
    Are you also a Canuckistani like rain and frosty and me too?

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