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a horrible day...

  1. Regardless if it's the same person or not granted that the person in question got under a lot of the member's skin as long as Courtney, Emma, Sadsunshine, etc, behaves in the forum from this point on then they have as much right as you or I have here,

    The way I see it the past is the past today is a new day for a fresh start...

    @sadsunshine I highly recommend you create a blog personal feeling threads are not appropriate for the forums plus there is other threads in the off topic forum that the community likes to interact with and if new personal feeling posts keep being created then those other threads get bumped down and possibly buried until resurrected...

    Please do not create anymore threads like this one or they will be deleted I am pretty sure you have a lot to share like all us bloggers do and if you would consider sharing that on your own blog I am pretty sure you can capture a fan base here is the link to create a blog

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