A huge drop in stats?

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    Just asking if anyone else has had a drop in stats the last 24 hours?

    My feed stats have stayed the same, although they have risen over the last few weeks or so, but the blog stats have just dropped by more than half.



    My stats had a slight blip yesterday, but are fine for today. Could Daylight Savings have anything to do with it? (Long shot, I know).



    *chuckle* Got one thread about a drop along with another thread asking about a sudden increase.


    Funny as!! … drmike.

    It looks like the stats are becoming more normal today.

    I have noticed a huge amount of increase in feed stats though, I don’t mind that one bit.

    I will mark this as resolved anyway.

    Thanks guys



    It does seem rather high for today. It is after 7pm here in the Eastern US. They should have reset now for the day.

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