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    Hello guys

    I’ve worked out the media ‘slider’ for my oxygen theme but what my question is based around is what I have discovered is called a ‘landing page’.

    For my blog I’d like an image and a few navigational choices for people to then choose what they go on, posts, photography, parent, parent, parent.

    I love the slider but don’t want that to be the first page…

    Is there any way around this?

    The blog I need help with is twoamateursgobackpacking.wordpress.com.



    hi, i’m having difficulty figuring out the media slider on the oxygen theme. could you give me some advice to how you worked it out?





    Hello Sanatours

    Sorry for the late reply, you need to set up two new pages, call it what ever you like. I chose ‘Home’ for one and then save the page. Make a second page and again call it something. I chose ‘Blog’.

    Then go to settings on your dashboard. Then within settings go to reading. The first section is called ‘front page displays’…. select ‘A Static page.

    Under this we get two options, ‘Front page’ and ‘posts page’.

    The ‘Front page’ is where your Image slider will turn up and the ‘posts page’ is where ALL your posts will be.

    Select ‘Home’ (like me) for your ‘front page’ with the image/post slider and Blog (like me) for your ‘posts page’ where ALL posts go.

    To get a post onto the image slider on your ‘Front page’ you need to do the following.

    To have the slider displaying your images/posts you need go to the bottom right hand corner of each POST (in edit mode) to ‘Featured image’ and add an image here.

    This will add the post onto the slider on your front page and also in your post page with the image you selected.

    I haven’t needed to move the posts to Recent posts or the one below that yet but I’m still waiting…….. to see if anyone can help me add a landing page.

    I want my slider in my post page not my home page…. Any one?

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