A link/button to forward an article by email?

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    Is there a way – a widget or a setting – to put such a thing in my articles on WordPress.com?

    I’m using the Journalist 1.9 theme.

    The blog I need help with is areyoutargeted.com.



    You can use AddThis if you like:

    http://support.wordpress.com/addthis/ – but that goes in your sideabr, alternatively, you can try Get Social Live:



    AddThis doesn’t work with WordPress.com (it uses JavaScript, which is Not Allowed). My site is hosted at WordPress.com.

    Get Social Live doesn’t have a button for forwarding the article by email.



    wordpress.com has a blog subscription widget now and Feedburner can also be used to forward articles by email.



    GetSocial Live will have the ’email to a friend’ feature in the future.

    For now you can download the GetSocial application (you will find email to a friend under 3rd party services). GetSocial can also set you up with a working AddThis button if that is what you desire.



    I shall bookmark your reply so I recall this in the future.





    I know about the blog subscription widget… that doesn’t help me with this specific problem.

    I’m browsing FeedBurner right now, and I’ve got to tell ya… looking at it through the eyes of someone who isn’t immersed in this stuff, I have absolutely no idea what it does or what its capabilities are. Their documentation is terrible.

    In reality I do know sort of what FeedBurner is for, but I don’t see anything about forwarding individual posts by email. Have you got a link to page or a phrase I can search for?

    I repeat, their documentation is terrible.



    There are step by step instructions for setting up Feedburner email updates here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/email-subscriptions/


    @areyoutargeted To clarify, you can use AddThis on a WordPress.com blog. You just have to use the non-javascript version of their code. The AddThis WordPress.com help page explains how.


    @designsimply But the AddThis button that AddThis.com gives you by default has a zillion services to share the link on (everything except email, apparently), and is not customizable except through JavaScript. Am I missing something?

    @timethief But the step by step instructions say absolutely nothing about using FeedBurner to email a link to a specific article. How do I do this?



    Once you set up at Feeburner using that information those who readersclick the link and subscribe will get copies of your posts by email.


    @timethief But that’s not what I want. I want a reader, who has found an article interesting and wants to share it with others, to be able to click a button to do so.


    @areyoutargeted Well, you can’t use javascript or customize it for WordPress.com, but AddThis does have a few different button/toolbox presets, and a few of the toolbox ones have the forward by email option built right in and that let’s you click on the little envelope icon to send the current URL to someone. So, if you don’t mind the other sharing buttons next to it, it’s pretty handy. Try it out and see what you think!



    Have you actually tried these buttons on a WordPress.com hosted blog? I copied and pasted the exact code on to my page that they suggested, and I didn’t get an email-only popup form. I just got the generic form with 50 zillion different obscure social network sites and no email link.



    Add this button can also be used for selected posts or articles. This will enable readers to share specific content/articles

    To do this you have to simply place Add This Button’s HTML in the post body. You will have to switch to HTML view of post editor to do this.


    Yep, I tested it. The email one worked for me. Oh, you have to click the ‘more options’ link. It’s right below the column that says “Select a button style.” Look for the text that says “Looking for more services, button styles or advanced features? More options”. Then you should be able to see some additional button types:



    Your WordPress blog isn’t hosted at WordPress.com. It is hosted at bluehost. Bluehost allows JavaScript. WordPress.com doesn’t. What works on your blog is not working for me.




    Has a button for posts and includes an email option


    works good



    You want a simple one-click ’email to a friend’ button for each of your posts, that will enable visitors to mail the link to their friends right?

    As I said before, GetSocial (the application) will do just that!

    There is a working example in the middle of this post, you can’t miss it. :)

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