A List Of A Few WordPress.com Blog Improvements

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    Some improvements that would make a wordpress.com blog go from good to great.

    SEO: Search engine optimization features
    Not so much for getting better search rankings, but for bloggers to present their title and description tags more to their liking. Also, by providing more Title and Description tag presentation options, search engine results would look more pleasing to people. Especially the less advanced search engines on the web. Google and Bing are not the only search engines online.

    A simple but great option would be to flip your blogs homepage title tag from the standard Blog Name | Blog Tagline, to Blog Tagline | Blog Name.

    Also, Just Blog Name and instead of Tagline, Name it blog description and don’t add it to the Title tag. So, in search results it would like this:

    The Best Food In The World
    BestFood.com provides the best food in the world. We also ship and deliver certain items.

    Another good SEO option would be to remove the (by Best Food) entry in the description and leave it optional under the profile settings.

    2. Sharing Icons
    Under sharing it would be nice to offer different social icon designs to choose from. And the ability to place them above and below posts and pages.

    3. Tags as Keywords
    Allowing tags as keywords in the header is beneficial to some older search engines, and in some instances in newer ones. This can be done by providing a simple “Make these tags keywords,” check box.

    4. Copyright Footer
    This could be added automatically by inserting the blog name in a preformatted copyright <div> in the footer.

    5. Disqus Comments
    Disqus is very popular around the web these days. WordPress users are likely to get comments using Disqus. Giving the blogger the option to use the WordPress standard commenting system or Disqus would be a bonus, beneficial to wordpress.com blogs. CNN, a large community website, uses Disqus.

    The blog I need help with is theopinionpress.com.



    2) you can upload and use any image you want for those.



    Sharing Icons? If so, how? Thanks.



    Here are some options, and you can also use the “add custom service” to just add standard twitter, fb, etc buttons, but using whichever icons you like. Note that you have to upload them first. http://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/#customize-your-services



    Thanks, I didn’t notice that, the link is so small. That’s another improvement. All this time and I didn’t know you could do that because of the link size. WordPress make it bigger. :) I learned something today about WordPress.

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