A list of friends and blogs I follow in my sidebar.

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    I’m quite new to WordPress but I have pretty much found the widgets I’d like to use. Only thing I miss is a list of friends/blogs I follow – apart from looking at the “Me” section on the top and choosing “Blogs I follow”. ..I would like to have it as a widget in my sidebar – is that possible?
    For example showing my top 10 friends/followers.
    Hugs from Dinadot

    The blog I need help with is elisajet.wordpress.com.


    Links > Add New: add link names and URLs.
    Appearance > Widgets: add the Links Widget.

    And please search the Support docs before asking questions on standard matters such as this.



    Thank you very much for your quick reply – I have now made my first link! Your help was most helpful – and of course, I will search the support docs in the future before asking questions on standard matters… ;-)
    But in the beginning there are so many things to learn (and I have read a lot of your excellent support docs) so at least I hope this question/answer can help some other beginner(s)!


    You’re welcome!

    New note (since you referred to “our” docs): Most replies you get here are by fellow bloggers volunteering, not WP staff (notice it says “Member” under both our usernames). A staff reply would look different.


    Sometimes it is the terminology that we first-timers have difficulty with. Buttons, links, widgets. It is often hard to know how to ask the question if you aren’t sure which term to use. Bear with us new folks, please. Thank goodness for the Support Forums but sometimes they are “greek” to me.



    “Greek”? Is your choice of words intentional? ;-)



    Probably Airodyssey. Have you never heard the term “It is all Greek to me?”

    I don’t think the poster meant “geek” if that is what you were wondering, although they may have!

    To the OP, the other way to list sites you visit is to have a static page as I do http://teamoyeniyi.com/sites-i-visit/

    I just found a widget was getting WAY too long on my sidebar.



    Of course I know the expression “It’s all Greek to me”. I also know that Panos is Greek. Just wondering :-)



    @teamoyeniyi, you can also make a scrollbar using text widget to put your blogroll in – that way, it won’t get too long. I used them for a couple things on mine to save space.




    @kelly – have you seen the number of blogs and text on my page cited above? LOL Just not widget material, trust me!


    I didn’t mean “geek” just trying to explain that a lot of this terminology is “Greek to me” or new terms I’m unfamiliar with. Didn’t mean to hit anyone’s touchy spots. LOL

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