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    Is there a way I can have a sidebar that contains links to certain posts, with a custom title for the sidebar/widget. For instance, a section titled “Old Posts” where I can just make links to my own posts. Either that, or is there a way to change the “Blogroll” title?

    Many thanks.



    Yes. You can add a text widget and just type your links there.



    Ah ha,

    Thank you, sir.



    Is there an easier way to insert links in there other than typing out the HTML? Because for some reason, it will only let me put one link in there. I do a second (doing it in full HTML) and it won’t show.



    It will show – you must be making a human error,


    It would be easier to add the links to your blogroll and categorize that particular section as “Old Posts.” One can have numerous blogrolls by doing this, but it does not appear as as a blogroll cuz you’ve named the link category as old posts. If you go to manage—> Links—-> add links and then scroll down, you’ll see where you can create different categories for links. They’ll appear separately on the sidebar under the title which you’ve applied to each link.



    If you want an easier way than hand-coding, just make a draft post in the Visual editor and format it there. When it’s just the way you want it to look, click to the Code tab and copy all the code. Put that in the text widget.

    As for why you’d be having trouble putting in more than one link, it might be easier for us to help you if you gave us a link to your blog, starting with http. Then we could see if there was anything strange up with it.



    when i created the ‘old posts’ link, it requires a web address. should i write my main current blog address? because it IS, ‘OLD POST’ =>



    raincoaster i need a help with that too,have been trying to figure that out
    on my own.http://www.blogbytyna.com and thanks in advance.



    I do a post once a month of most popular posts (hyperlinked) for the new readers and they always appreciate it. It’s usually the same links so I copy and paste in the code editor.

    Other times I do a random “top posts of all time” which is not hyperlinked and instruct them the use the search box with the words on it. I find that people tend to click on them if they’re in a post rather than in a widget but your mileage may vary.



    You cannot link to an old post that isn’t posted. If it’s posted, then you just copy the link. I’m not understanding the difficulty you’re having.

    Susan: yes, people are much more likely to click on links in a post than in a widget. It’s part of the effect of advertising: it’s trained us not to look at sidebars. But as a replacement for the Top Posts widget, a hand-coded one is an improvement. Top Posts tends to be self-reinforcing, and with selecting your own links you can direct people’s attention to things that are worthy rather than just blandly popular. And if you name it Top Posts, how are they to know?



    You’re right, I’ve thought of the “self-enforcing” thing. To try to combat that, I run reposts as well from back when my blog was young and not that popular and I do a “most popular posts of the past 30 days” post as well and often those old posts will show up.

    It’s amazing that I re-run posts (always full disclosure that is what I’m doing) and both new readers and old readers will say thanks. I have one post that I think is number 5 of how many times it’s been run. And each time it gets a lot of comments.

    I even wrote a post about reruns and asked regular readers what they thought and they all like it. My regular readers also tend to provide links to their favorite posts. With a self-help blog, that’s easy to do. If your blog was about current events, I suppose that might be hard. :)

    I do like the selection of my own links idea.



    You can set up a text widget with the title you would like to use
    manually post hyper links (HTML Link) to those older posts.

    These options below are for creating hyper links

    Here is a link that will explain how to write hyper linksHow to write links

    The second option would be to write the wording through your editor
    and click on the link button and paste the URL and it will anchor the URL
    to the word

    and the 3rd option you can do is if you have Firefox 2, you can a add on
    that will create a hyper link by high lighting the word and right clicking
    and going to the option that says copy as HTML link… Here is a link to
    a post I wrote up that will explain this and give you three add on options
    to chose from… Link» firefox 2 html link tutorial

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