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A List of Sucky Bloggers

  1. A List of Sucky Bloggers

    My first (but not last) WordPress Drive By!

    My caps are love and my pistol is charm! ;-P

    Check it out at:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nice list and I'm not just saying that because I'm on it. :-)

  3. Where are all the sucky ones? Maybe you'll make another post about awesome bloggers and then put in all the sucky ones in there?

  4. LOL @ Sami, thats exactly my intention.

    Thanks MomFog! You deserved your spot alongside, (I def agree), a great bunch of WP Bloggers! :)

  5. @Momfog - I had a huge giggle given the title of the post "You Suck", you being listed and your comment to me about using that no-no word! He he he

  6. @Zuzu - few of my favs on there, so I agree you have good taste! :)

  7. Dang! Thought for sure I'd made the list of suckiest bloggers... Oh well, guess I have to try less hard

  8. Thanks Teamoyeniyi! :)) i look forward to stopping by your blog too soon!

    lol @ habtuate

  9. Bah you haven't got all the "sucky" ones on there :P

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