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    Sorry if this is an annoying question.

    I am making a website for a doggie daycare that i work for. My idea is to have it set up sort of like a myspace in that each dog has their own page. It is mostly something *cute* for the owners. They can look at their dogs profile page and see who their friends are and such.

    The problem i am mostly having is with photos.
    I would like their page to have a photo of them on the left corner. i would like to globally resize this photo. When the photo is clicked, i would like to bring the user to a photo gallery of just photos of their dog.

    also, possibly, a nice little thumbnail gallery at the bottom of the page may look neat as well.

    i ask for some help/tips because the various plugins i have tried have not been doing the trick, too hard to configure, too many options.

    thank you very very much and any other plugin suggestions would be wonderful now that you get an idea of what i am trying to create



    If the site in your user profile is the one you’re talking about, I think you’re in the wrong forum. Head over to http://wordpress.org/support



    nah. i havent uploaded it yet. i am just using a localhost right now until it is ready enough

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