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A lost with dashboard and customization

  1. Hi everybody !

    I'm new to WP and I already bumped into a problem. I can't seem to access my dashboard. When I click on 'Dashboard' in the top_right of the screen (where my Gravatar is) is just go to this page

    Then I thought that this could actually be the dashboard and here comes my second question : how do I add categories and such ? Is that option only available with the custom design upgrade ?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who would reply and sorry if this question has aready been asked billions of times.

    PS : also sorry if I made grammar errors

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dashboard Admin link >

    how do I add categories and such ?

    On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff.

    The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.

    Is that option only available with the custom design upgrade ?


  3. Thanks for the real quick answer and again sorry for the bother ^^"

  4. No problem and best wishes. :)

  5. Hi again,

    I'm really sorry to come back again but as I'm reading the tuts (currently 'Get Comfy') I'm becoming even more confused.

    In the tutorial, at the bottom of the page there's a section called :MENU OPTIONS: THE IMPORTANT ONES and it displays some images of the menus you're supposed to get. My window is totally different from what those pictures shows so I thought at first that it was because there was a recent skin change or something but half of the menus are absent from my dashboard.

    Sorry to bother again and again but
    here's my dashboard screen and here's what I should get according to the tut.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    A very sorry noob ^^"

  6. Don't be sorry. Very common mistake for a few. The screnshot you posted is from when you log on to WordPress and the one on the tutorial is when you visit:

    I, too, got a little confused when they first rolled out that update. :)

  7. Thanks for the patience :)

    My problem is that when I visit I return to the webpage shown in my screen. That's what is confusing me, because I thought it's not the dashboard but adding /wp-admin should move me to the dashboard and I moved there again (but it does not correspond to anything in the tuts)

  8. Quite a number of people are reporting this, and I have flagged this thread for staff attention. There appear to be bugs in the new system.

  9. I'm so reassured x) I really thought I was the biggest dumby of the universe.

    Thanks you all for your help, I'll check the news update closely :)

  10. I know it may sound a little odd but if you want to access the main dashboard ( what it seen in some of the tutorials ) you can do it by accessing:

    Where the * is you would of course replace with the user/site name depending on what you have chosen rather than the /wp-admin/ from previous posts.

  11. Doesn't work for me, the link redirect me to a login page (how surprising ! x)) but when I login it just redirect me to the same page

  12. What browser are you using?

  13. Google Chrome (and I already emptied the cache)

  14. Chrome users are especially reporting issues. If you can try with a different browser it might help.

  15. Tried Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Safari but none of them gives a different result

  16. Hi nerdynest,

    We are running a test for a percentage of our new users, where we do not immediately show the Dashboard. It sounds like you may be one of those users in the test.

    Please post in the following thread if you are still having issues finding your Dashboard, and I'll contact you privately with a link you can use to reset things:

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