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A Lover of Randomness

  1. Anyone out there have a lovely blog that does not fit within the constaints of "tags" or "making sense"? I'd love to see the randomness of life that everyone can give. Give me your best... or your worst. The most random may just get a few new fans.

  2. Oh, this is intriguing. My bog is not random, but I love reading others random thoughts. I have a hard time being random enough to be interesting. :P

  3. My blog is starting to take on an element of randomness. Lately, I've been doing a lot of what I call "Victimizing Other Bloggers." The random part is that the bloggers who volunteer to be victimized (humorously) are a fairly diverse bunch. And although I do a lot of writing, I've also drawn pictures and written poetry for this series within the past week.

  4. As much as I would love to have a niche, a theme, whatever, there is simply too much happening for me to not enjoy the delights of curious random.

  5. I started out with a very strict theme (which I still plan to continue) but I do find myself writing about varied stuff. Best of both the worlds if you ask me, I have a theme which gives me the freedom to write about anything and everything :)

  6. idiotphotographer

    I love the random as well, sometimes I have been delightfully surprised by things I thought I would dislike.

    That being said while I have a photography blog almost every post has a photo, but that is about as coherent a theme as I can manage. There are nature photos, urban exploring, architecture, drag queens and kittens... Who knows what I may end up photographing next?

  7. I think I can assert that my blog could definitely be called random and not fitting into one theme!

  8. It's fairly random at this end too!

  9. When I first joined WordPress I noticed that all blogs were classified and tagged and categorized, mine did not fit into any particular thing so I called it the embarrassment. So yeah, pretty much random :)

  10. My personal blog gives more randomness because it's cycling that takes me into randomness of a journey in life.

    It shows a broad range things I've seen/done within the last 12 months. There IS a theme that ties it together. However the blog does not reveal some tough randomness of personal stuff things that I have had with some loved ones.

    Whereas the blog attached to my gravatar/name is another blog that is less random because it must be focused.

  11. I was on hiatus (internet was broken) and was under the impression that most likely no one would reply to my thread. I'm delighted to see several replies and will most definitely look into every blog that I find here. Thank you very much.

  12. You don't get more random than me!

  13. someone is staring at me....

  14. Sorry!

  15. I've been told that my blog is random and without a real "theme".
    In fact that was the point. It's about nothing and everything.
    It's mostly personal family stuff but I plan to include random daily thoughts such as tomorrows post on email forwards. Ugh!

  16. I consider myself random. I think about everything, and I finally have a way to express what I'm thinking. TO ALL: if you're looking for random thoughts, I have a blog entitled "Random Thoughts'! haha. I'll admit, I do a lot of blogging from my BlackBerry, so there will be a lot of one-liners. I like to talk. So talk to me :)

  17. I'm still trying to work my theme out! My intention was to write some darkly humourous tales, but all my ideas keep coming out in a rather bleak fashion. I wouldn't much call my blog 'random' at the moment as opposed to 'horribly depressing'. But maybe I just need more meat to it!

    Oh Hell yeah, I've sold it really well. I should totes work in marketing :D

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