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A Malicious Blogger

  1. Sick blogger .....

    A Malicious Blogger

    The blog I need help with is

  2. "The comment left on that blog had no link to my blog. I’m baffled how the owner of that pro gay homosexual blog found his way to my blog, and commented."

    Having had a quick look through your site and then googling joer223, I found your name easily via your twitter. Took me under a minute while doing other stuff on the computer. Presumably the owner of the other site could do the same in reverse by goggling your real name.

    Is there anyone in real life or online that you've pissed off? From what I can guage from a quick search of your blog this seems to be the first time that you've spoken about your views on homosexuality, but have you spoken about them IRL or any other forums? I know that by stating you don't comdemn but don't condone homosexuality you think you're side-stepping charges of homophobia, other people may think otherwise and may have been extremely hurt by your views. While I don't condone their actions in leaving a comment (or more specifically a heart emoticon) on a pro-gay website, I'm not sure in light of your views that I condemn it either.

  3. I left a comment. I will say here again that you are blowing this in to big proportions and, as someone who is alright with homosexuals, you are making yourself look a bit homophobic.

  4. agree with sarah

  5. i also believe you have posted to the wrong forum. i think off topic may have been more appropriate you are not showcasing but condemning.

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