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A million blogs at (and a hundred days for me)

  1. Many bloggers will have noticed the blog counter on the main page closing in on the million mark. Michael Arrington, of TechCrunch, has also noticed, and posted about it:
    Congratulations to on this milestone (and on getting the CrunchLove). It reflects, among many other things, the impressive scalability of the WordPress platform.
    In other news, it's about a hundred days since I moved my main blog to My thoughts on the million blogs and (mainly) on the hundred days are at:

  2. wordpress has the best blogging technology going. However, one would be naive to believe that the 1 million blogs are all active blogs receiving updating. Many blogs are not being used and many of those included in the 1 million figure have actually been deleted.

  3. Staff has said that that's a current number and not counting those blogs marked as spam or deleted.

  4. And what about those that signed up in the early days for an Akismet key before "just an account" was available.

    many of those have never been used since. I bet they're counted.

  5. Seriously, give it a couple of weeks and those will have been surpassed.

    I was talking to a friend of mine who's a Drupal guru/addict/evangelist and asking about Drupal for one of my sites and he said "frankly, if it's going to be a blog, use WordPress. It's pretty well acknowledged that for blogging there's nothing comparable out there."

  6. i wonder if wordpressers get anything in commemoration of the one millionth blog. =)

  7. Perhaps the VIP bloggers will get a promotional gift. But those who volunteer on the forums day in and day out never even get so much as a "good on you" so, I sincerely doubt that we will be receiving T-shirts any time soon.

  8. t-shirt, i'd love one! i was thinking in terms of blogging features. maybe some new themes, or features, etc.

  9. *snort*

  10. *snicker*

  11. *chortle*

  12. what, i'm being too naive?

  13. WordPress is monetizing. There will be more features and there will be more paid upgrades on offer, not freebies ... *rotflmbo*

  14. As to the drupal, I think they even have it as a plugin.

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