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A "most popular post" list?

  1. Is there a way of displaying your most popular posts on the blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use the Top Posts widget or make your own list and put it in a text widget.

  3. I display the links to my most popular posts on a static page and use a small image in a text widget in the sidebar to draw attention to it. This works well for my blog so it may also work well for your blog too.

  4. whiskeytownpaddler

    From what I can tell, the Top Posts widget only factors in the past two days, which to me seems pointless. The Top Posts widget ought to be customizable to collect data from whatever time period we want to consider - past month, past year, etc. It seems like such a no-brainer, I'm surprised WP isn't already doing this.

  5. @whiskeytownpaddler
    Have you suggested that to Staff?

  6. schoolfinder72

    I have thought that too whiskeytownpaddler! The Recent Posts widget gives the past few days, so the Top Posts should allow you to set it for all time, last month, whatever. You should suggest it!

  7. The problem with "all time" at least on the 9 blogs I manage (plus mine) is that the 5 top posts of all times never changes. They are always the top posts. The top 5 posts on each blog continue to get lots of hits from the search engines and place high in searches. Follow the "all time" top posts in your blog stats for posts and pages and I think you will see the same thing.

  8. That's the way it is with my blog. The same posts are always on the top.

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