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A mysterious category '5584' keeps appearing...

  1. A mysterious category '5584' keeps appearing in my category list. I have tried deleting it but it keeps coming back. Can someone explain this please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you by chance deleted the Uncategorized category without setting another category as Default? You will need to set another category as Default, and all the posts which are only in the Uncategorized category you will have to reassign to a different one. Then you should be able to delete that number.

  3. Thanks. I thought I had set another category (entitled 'General') as Default but I guess I didn't and now I can't see how to do it. The category appears on the list so how do I set it as Default?

  4. If you go to Settings->Writing you can set it there.

  5. Many thanks!

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