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  1. so every blog with an advertising page copies off you ??

    our blogs are about completely different things

  2. Whatever man. If you're too ashamed to admit it, fine.

  3. I know Gizmodo has an advertising page...

  4. I'd like to address a few things here. By all accounts theres no evidence that I've seen laptopmemo rename pingbacks, unless you want to provide a link of screenshot proving this, then such an embarrassing accusation is rather unnecessary. The back and forth here is rather unnecessary. Leetgamer, kind of jumping the shark there. So, you also have an "About" page, does that mean everyone with an "About" page is copying off of you. Seems kind of unreasonable.

    @wizziokid I like the blog. So, happy you linked us to a chat embed that actually works on wordpress. Don't know if I'll use it anytime soos but I definitely think I'm going to use that for when I live blog in the future. You're header and your twitter page is great, you're obviously in the works for creating a great brand for yourself.
    I'd recommend using more social networking sites to your advantage and be active on those sites. I'd recommend sites like Blogcatalog. Also, Blogged is a really good site. Based on your twitter page, I'd also recommend you discuss more about games rather than post a lot of links, it'll gain you more followers with the same interest, and also engage with followers.
    Also, link your wordpress.COM name to your username instead of I'd suggest losing the static page, when people know they're visiting a blog and not a website they kind of expect to see the the blog posts right away. It's just unnecessary clicking for those that like our information fast.
    Next I'd recommend adding social networking buttons to your blog posts. I suggest either using the Get Social tool, which is for Windows users (I think theres a Mac version) Anyways, it's easy to use and you can social networking button or the Add This button.
    There's also a Grease Monkey script if you're a FireFox user which automatically creates a link for social networking buttons when you're in the edit post page. I modified the script so you can use the Add This button instead.

    Anyways, sorry for the long read, I really like your blog as a gamer myself. Oh and join more gaming social networking sites like 1up and so on...


  5. Are you guys seriously blind ? I'll requote :

    ''I found this blog on the wordpress forums, i was think we could take some ideas from it, he seems to get alot of hits

    we have a competitor ;) lol''

    Note the 'we could take some ideas from it'

    AKA copying.

    I'm wasting my time on this thread. Beleive whatever you want. The only reason he's emphasiszed so much is cause of his revolutionizing chat feature.

  6. This doesn't matter, the features he's using is stuff for ALL BLOGGERS to use. NONE of them belong to you!

  7. Goddammit you're such an idiot. I never said that those features belong to me. I'm simply trying to prove that he did copy me, which apparently your smartass brain can't comprehend.

  8. lol @Leet seriously grow up we didnt copy you
    we started the blog last month and hadent even heard of your blog..
    seriously just stop...

  9. @aw1923 thanks for all the help, ill look into getting everyone to use social on the blog
    and ill change the rest asap, thanks for the positive feedback :)

  10. I think the blog's cool. =)
    I particularly like your review page.
    It's very organized and easy to follow.

    Good luck on future endeavors! =D

  11. @leetgamer how weird is that! I said: I meant that just because he's using features you use doesn't mean he's copying you, you nitwit. Now like cello85 said once: "stay out of this thread for a few days, lol".


    Good blog Wizzio!

  12. Boy I don't think you know what the hell is coming out of your goddamn mouth. Don't mess around with me. You're just a stupid kid who thinks he's a smartasss.One day, someone just might punch you in the face with your smartass attitude. I decide wether I post in this thread or not. Get that in your stupid brain.

    Needn't I remind you that you're the asshole that spammed cello's thread, not me, if you want to cross that line.

    I suggest that you shut the hell up and continue writing about iphones.

  13. Okay Wizzio I'm sorry that I was a douche and that I've gone all out on you. Been through a rough time. You can copy me any day if you like.

    But laptopmemo, you're still an ass.

  14. @well its ok im sorry if it seems we are copying but we arnt, we made the blog last month and where looking for ideas we saw you where a gamer and though we could use some inspiration thats all we are going through many changes at the moment :)

  15. LEETGAMER. I'll report you....

  16. For calling you an ass? That's what happens in life.

  17. @laptopmemo and leetgamer- You both should shut the hell up and get over it. It's getting really annoying. I know I was kinda harsh on laptopmemo but I'm just expressing my feelings here he does act like a turd. Just cut the crap already. It's alright if you think laptopmemo is a smartass or you think leetgamer is a nitwit but try not to talk about those things here.

  18. Oh people are so clouded from the truth these days...

  19. What do you mean? I"M TIRED OF THESE ARGUMENTS! Let's get peace already..

  20. darkdaughter11

    wow, im just an innocent bystander, who is an avid gamer, but i just have to say, play nice. this is not the place for name calling.

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