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A new bug on my blog

  1. A new bug has emerged. Never seen this before. Scroll down and take a look at "Choose category" in the right colum - see for yourself. Suddenly it's "spilling over". Must be a regular bug. What should I do?

  2. I’m sorry there is nothing the talented forum volunteers can do to help
    you with this matter. You’ll need to contact support for this matter.

  3. By the way: I'm using the K2-lite theme but it could be the widget that has corrupted itself. Meaning that other themes could have this bug also.

  4. I guess you're right, teck07. I just wanted to start a thread so that others could give their 5 cents - could be a general problem. Staff would usually like as much information as possible...

  5. You have an other theme, bfk63 - it is the widget that has corrupted then...

  6. I have a problem with the Andreas theme where the "Categories" widget keeps disappearing.

  7. Here's the thread about it that we started early this morning:

  8. So is there any luck in anything being done about it?

  9. I emailed contact several hours ago (probably like 3-5 hours ago) with a link to the original forum thread. You may want to post your site there too, in case the support tech reads that forum post.

  10. Ok thanks for your help.

  11. Let's abandon this thread and use the one linked to in the comment above. I'll mark this thread as resolved even though the problem is still there. Staff is working on this, I'm sure. I also wrote them about it. This thread seems to be the most active:

  12. Hi guys, yup, as I said we're looking into this - I'm so sorry that it's taken a bit of time to get to it - I'll close this thread to direct people to the other one.

    Apologies once again.

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