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A new direction and first attempt with original photos

  1. I've got a new theme and decided to switch up the content a little. Original intent was to write about things OTHER than being a mom. I strayed into mommy rants and now I'm returning to my "roots."

    I have also began using my own photos and I know NOTHING about photography. It's just easier than dealing with copyright issues.

    What do you think? Was I more interesting as a typical mommy blogger?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Love it! When I click on one of the photos it is huge on my screen (in the browser) so I only see a small portion of it. Resize before you upload so that when a person clicks on the pic they see the whole pic in the browser.

    Then I would try placing slightly larger sizes in your actual post - they are a little small in the post to attract the attention, I think, but others may have a different view!

  3. I completely forgot the resizing thing. I think I've got everything in order now. I also resized the pics in the post. I am not sure the best way to display them. Should I keep them in that order or should I make them bigger and just post them one on top of the other? So many questions...

  4. Much better when looking at the pics now - I am at work on a smaller screen and they are a good size.

    I think the ones in the text are the perfect size now for that entry!

    As for the ones at the bottom of your entry, they need Captions at least I think. I'd like a bit of text between them, or a space. Also, try fiddling with the alignment (this can get tricky, I found), but that way you can have one on the left and one on the right.

    At the moment, the bottom pics look a bit like an afterthought. Sorry, but you wanted opinions! LOL

    Love the pics, by the way and certainly understand the copyright concerns!

  5. What about just putting them down the side all the way down and making it the left margin? I'll play with it, but alignment is a tricky thing!

    I wanted honest feedback so thank you!

  6. Aaaargh. Why can't I get this right? Anybody out there know how to make all the images align down the left and right margins with the text in the middle?

  7. Very good - sorry, I was at work and couldn't get back to you!

    I am sure the white space at the top is bothering you - I've had the same problem at times and usually go to the HTML tab to fix it.

    But it looks very good - I like it!

  8. It's changed again. There's still some white space bothering me but I am not messing with it anymore! It's as good as I can make it.

    Although, IF I was going to mess with it, how would I do that in the HTML tab?

  9. Go check your thread in the Support Forum - it is growing!

  10. I checked it. Still SWOOSH, though. I'll learn the HTML one day, but not today or tomorrow, or next year most likely! Thanks for defending me, btw! And don't feel guilty. You were right when you said it needed work.

  11. A new post that's serious, for once. New direction, but not one I'm likely to stick with. Too draining. Living with an Autistic Child.

  12. thehappyhealer

    so I just looked at your post and thought some very familiar things -I teach Autistic kids and one of my blogs is ALL photography! and I still am not sure I have them in the right spots, etc.!!! yikes! I like the WordPress layouts but for photos - well, I'm still playing too. Your blog looks great and the photos "work" too - brava!
    keep up the great work! :)

  13. I already admire you for two reasons. One, for taking such beautiful photos. Two, and most importantly, your dedication to teaching. I know you're dedicated because you can't be ambivalent and teach Autistic children. My child's early teachers were a godsend and helped him to transition to "regular" classes and also helped me deal with the stress.

    So, happyhealer, Brava! to you on behalf of all parents of Autistic children.

  14. Like cake? Check out some of my "Cake Art."

  15. The Ball and Chain Wedding Cake. I love a bride with a sense of humor.

  16. LOL Typical mommy blogger... No worries. I venture into that territory from time to time, myself. Parenting is such a large chunk of my waking life (4 kids here, too) that it would be hard to do otherwise.

    I do like the ball and chain. It reminds me of some of the cakes I've seen with a bride figure collaring the groom figure as he tries to run off of the cake :)

  17. The Beethoven crush continues with a review of "Immortal Beloved."

    Seriously, it's a total chick flick.

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