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  1. I would love to see China Red added as a new theme, I have been asking (pleading) for a while now . Please Please Please.

  2. We have been requested to send these specific theme requests in through feedback along with the reasons one wants the specific theme to be completely re-coded for use. There will of course be discussion on this forum too so it's always helpful to provide a link to the theme you are promoting so others can view it. I'm not clear by your referenc to asking (pleading) if you have sent in a feedback or not but if you haven't now is the time to do it.:)

  3. We are allowed to discuss it though in the forums. :)

    Staff has suggested that requests and suggestions go in via the Feedback so that they can keep tabs on them.

    Actually China Red worked pretty well right off when I installed it over on my MU install. Only issue I had with it was that it wasn't centered (but some folks like that) and the standard Category listing didn't indent the subcategories. (The Test Childs should actually be under the Test Post category.)

    I actually like this one as well. :)

  4. I know I'm beating a dead horse here since I and others have mentioned it, but it might be worthwhile to update the FAQ

    Which specifically states theme requests go to the Ideas forum, to instead read that "Theme requests should be made via feedback in addition to posting in Ideas for discussion is encouraged"

    PS. China Red is a very nice looking theme

  5. There's a lot 'more simple' themes that you can check here. Then click on the "THEME" to view 30 different kinds of theme.

  6. Do remember of course that all those themes might not work on the WordPress MultiUser platform.

  7. IC, just a thought.

  8. I would like to be able to just change the colors of some of the existing templates. My boss wants our department blog to match the colors, look & feel of our website. I can edit templates on Blogger, but WordPress is a better service. We're shopping for a blog service right now, and the only thing keeping us from jumping on the WordPress bandwagon is the inability to customize it.

  9. SHEESH - I must say that I am surprised by your posting here on the You can of course customize any wordpress template by downloading a free copy to your own server or by going to a webhost and having them do it for you. Considering that you are representing a business and good webhosting is available for only $7 - $10 per month I'm surprised you're looking here. I mean what business that could be actually considered to be "viable" can't afford an expense write-off of a piddling $7 per month? Have you checked out

  10. I can edit templates on Blogger, but WordPress is a better service. We're shopping for a blog service right now, and the only thing keeping us from jumping on the WordPress bandwagon is the inability to customize it.

    Does your boss know that the ability to customize the template over at Blogger is the reason why they get hacked so much?

  11. timethief -

    Thanks for your response. I work for a college department whose budget has been drastically cut, and have been told that we CANNOT spend any money on the blog. Thanks to the general political and financial climate, I'm working on a shoestring. I'm unfortunately <i>not</i> working for a business that can just go out and make a few more sales to cover the costs of a new endeavor. Life in Higher Education. Woo hoo. After digging around today, I found an explanation of the difference between and On you CAN edit the templates and reload them. On, which is what I've been told I <i>have</i> to use, you cannot edit templates. Sigh.

    drmike -

    Thanks for your reply. My boss doesn't know ANYTHING about blogs, and neither do I. I appreciate you sharing that bit of info with me. I don't know if it will help with his budget concerns, but it's worth a try...

  12. Here's the FAQ on the subject that includes links on what user inputted Javascripts can do if that helps.

    I'm actually surprised that you're not getting hosting from your school's IT department.


  13. Hi drmike -

    I don't think any of us knows enough to know that getting hosted by our IT department is an option yet. We are very new to blogging technology. Thanks for cluing me in! I'm going to do some more reading and see if I can learn enough to make some decent recommendations to the boss.

    Thanks -

  14. Many free blog sites allow more in the way of template customisation than does, especially if all you want to do is change the colours. I'd probably work my way through this directory and see what was most suitable.

  15. Thanks, wank! I'll take a look!


  16. sent a post on 7-26-06 with a link of 30 other themes. How can I use these on my wordpress account? I am very new to this but I am not impressed with the dashboard themes offered...

  17. The themes Knoizki showed you were for self hosted or webhosted blogs over here at mind that was then and this is now so who knows for sure what themes you are allowed to alter with css
    ... oh, drmike ... she called...

  18. keyhanes, please read the red sticky at the head of these forums. It's there for a reason and your question is already covered within it.

    If staff were to allow the uploading of any theme, than that would create a security risk for everybody here.

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