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A New Theme Please

  1. favouritefoodrecipes

    I would like to kindly request wordpress to add more beautiful themes. Here, I have found a nice one.

    I hope you too would like it and that would be allowed.

    Thank you

  2. You can change your theme by going into the Dashboard>Design>Theme and have a look at over 60 that are available right now.

    You can even preview them before you choose one to see how it looks on your blog.

    Perhaps you should look there first because the approval process for new themes takes a long time.

  3. favouritefoodrecipes

    Thank you for the quick reply. But can I know if this theme is accepted by wordpress?

  4. The themes that are available in the Design section are all acceptable and ready to use right now.

    Outside themes have to be agreed upon by a committee or something and have to be adjusted to work properly with software and it is a long process.

    There are right now 3,689,992 blogs on so if each person wanted an individual theme adjusted for them it could take many years to do it. So I think individual requests are not considered.

    There is a design contest that sometimes happens and new themes are chosen from the winners of that and sometimes if enough people (like thousands of people not just a few) request certain features or colors then a new one might be added in that case.

    So I hope you can see how individual requests would be very difficult for the company to handle.

    There are many things you can do with a lot of the ready-made themes so perhaps try that out first.

    There is a way to get any theme you want but you have to set up your own wordpress software on a different company server and manage it. It is very technical to try and you have to do it mostly on your own or with the help of an outside company.

  5. favouritefoodrecipes

    Thank you very much for the information. I understand the difficulty. No problem. I'll use the existing themes.

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