A newbie needs help, please…

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    I’d like to create a blog with features similar to http://www.solutionwatch.com/ which is also using the WordPress platform. Specifically I wonder how to:

    1) Add my own customized logo / background to the header section

    2) How to add “search” box

    3) How to add nicely formated sections like “Links” /”Recent Posts” similar to http://www.solutionwatch.com/ to the side bar. Note: each link is nicely separated by a grey line

    4) How to add some graphics to the side bar area

    5) How to organize the placement order for various items on the side bar

    6) How to add “post to delicious” next to comment section

    7) How to remove the meta section in the side bar area

    8) Is there a way to search this help forum?

    Thanks very much for your assistance in advance!


    If you want the full functionality offered by the stand-alone version of WordPress, you have to host the blog yourself. You can check out more information at WordPress.org. Otherwise, here, you are working a free but limited version of WordPress, and you really can’t accomplish that level of customization here.



    Thanks. So if I do find a web host on this list http://wordpress.org/hosting/, then they will be able to help me answer these how-to questions?

    Curious, are my needs fairly standard that the stand-alone version can solve/provide all my needs? Is there an area where I can learn more about the stand-alone version and what customization features I can do on it?




    In short their are virtualy zero limitations on how WP can be configurated and displayed.

    Go to WordPress.org to download the program. The WordPress Codex gives in detail what you can accomplish and how.

    Also be advised you can use nearly any web hosting service and are not limited to what WP is suggesting.



    then they will be able to help me answer these how-to questions?

    WP.org provides a support forum located here for questions. I would also recommend, as Marc mentions, the FAQs within the Codex as they are a quick guide to where you can find answers.

    Most hosters have a program that will automatically install the basic WordPress software to get you started. Any extra features, such as themes and plug ins, are up to you but most include fairly detailed install instructions. Some hosters also provide they own installs of the software wil added features already added in but they usually provide them as a zip file and you have to add it to your site yourself.

    Most hosters (but not all) also have localized forums for support between users. Usually they’re unoffical but you can usually get your questions answered.

    Hope this helps,

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