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    First off, Ill admit, I am new at this. I thought I had it figured out, but I am apparently not there yet. I am Diana Brown/(email redacted). I recently developed an article entitled Dreams Illusion or Reality thinking that it would appear where people would/could comment. I was hoping for Freshly Pressed but apparently missed that mark. Bottom line is I dont understand where this is published but the dashboard indicates there are no comments. Where do I look for mine and others…that I may want to comment on? Thanks in advance for your direction.

    The blog I need help with is brownbearrealestatecom.wordpress.com.



    There are between 35 – 50 million publishing and anticipating that Staff will select their posts for featuring on Freshly Pressed.

    That Freshly Pressed page is here > http://wordpress.com/#!/read/fresh/


    Hi, Diana! It looks like you’ve published that piece as a page instead of a post (for the difference, see: http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-vs-page/ ).

    If you publish it as a post, you can give it tags related to the content. Other WordPress.com users will then be able to find it when they look through those topic tags in the Reader.

    Here’s some more detail on tags: http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/tags/

    And on using the Reader:


    Thank you so much for you direction Michelle – I have tried to use the link information to move my page – Dreams Illusions or Reality – into a page unsuccessfully. I did go back and review the tutotial link you were kind enough to send to me but I cant get to the part where the page lets me turn it into a post. I thought to tag it Dreams in the topic reader as I thought that a good move as well but apparently I need more direction. I dont even know how to do this correctly from the get-go- let alone change one that is already improperly placed! I can learn and appreciate your patience with me. Diana


    You can’t turn a page into a post — you’ll need to copy all the text on the page, create a new post, paste the text into the post, and publish that.

    Here are instructions on creating a new post:

    When you create the new post, you can then tag it “dreams.” Here are instructions for adding tags:

    You might also find this tutorial helpful; it takes you step by step through setting up a new blog and publishing:


    Thank you Michelle – Im on it.


    Michelle – well, not so easy I think. Long story short of it is since I was unable to copy the page I elected to rewrite it under “new post” but I was unable to find that “post tag module identified at the bottom right of the post editor” where I could attach the tags. I mean I read all of this and if there is a way now in which I can attach them, Id like to but I need direction as to where to find this Post Tag Module. I feel I am making some progress but …s…l…o…w….l…y……:>

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