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A nitwit question

  1. Everyone is gonna laugh at me but I'm all abristle with curiosity,
    on my stats page...right? there is a search engines referer...right? and it keeps coming out with "google translation" first it was Italian then it was german and now it's french.
    question..does google translate everything on the net? or does it only happen if somebody requests it? what does it all mean? [she wailed]

  2. Congratulations, gentle dove! The non-English-speaking world has finally discovered you and wants to read you in their own languages. :-> look towards the bottom of the page. Google translates on request.

  3. oh wow that has made my day Jen thanks, [you're not teasing... are you?]

  4. Not teasing at all. The only thing with Google doing the translation, heaven only knows what it is they are reading!

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