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a noob tag question

  1. Hi all... I'm pretty new to the world of blogging and have a question for y'all - well, I have a few but I'll stick to one topic in this post. I'm trying to keep my category titles (tags??) specific to the content and stay away from genereic titles.

    Are the categories I post under the tags applied to my posts that others will see in their tag surfer?

    I have a main category of "mushrooms" and a bunch of subcategories that break up all the species into general groups like "bolete" and "chanterelle". For a post under one of these subcategories are both the "mushroom" and subcategory title applied as the tags to the post or is only the subcategory title used?


  2. I think I just answered my question. Always right after the question gets posted. I guess I have to check both the main and sub categories to have both the tags applied.


  3. Yes, you do. No harm doing that, though; far more people will find your blog through the Mushroom tag; you can just set it to be your default if you like, and then you only need to add the specific subtag you want to get both on your post. Saves time.

  4. I searched and didn't find the answers I was look for, so, to avoid posting a new topic, I might as well post here. I hope no one minds me resurrecting an old thread. Anyway, here goes...

    Let's say that if I post on things that come into mind everyday equals at least one post a day. So after about a couple of months, I would have about 60 entries. So I have categories for each entry, and so on.

    Let's say I get one of my friends to get into blogging, and I direct him to my blog. How do I get him to know that a particular post was posted in "category ABC" (or in this case tag ABC)? It would be time consuming for him to check and see into what category that post falls under right?

    Also, if say a particular post jumps up at him, at least he will be more inclined to check out a particular category to find out if there're other posts there that'd intrigue him as well.

  5. then it would be more sensible to have a certain set of categories your posts can be tagged into rather than 60 different tags for 60 posts. for instance, if your classmate reads your blog, he would probably be interested in posts under the tag 'school' or 'studies'.

  6. Uh, I think I have to rephrase. I think what I'm getting at is: How to I go about adding something like 'Posted by ____ under ____' after or before the post.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  7. ah, okay. those details are usually theme-dependent, certain themes support it and certain themes don't. however, you can choose to add those information yourself. just put links to the categories in your post - but it'll be boring and tedious to do after a while.

    best if you try a few themes and see which one supports this information and is suitable for your tastes and needs.

  8. Thanks for helping. I got what you mean. Ugh, now I gotta go customize the new theme.

  9. no sweat. good luck!

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