A normal forum? (is there any videoblogging here bye the way?)

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    Hey, why cant you guys start a “normal” forum were all wordpress users can talk to each other?
    not only a forum were to discus problems or Ideas.

    Like now, I fealt like asking if there is anyone thats are doing som videobloging here, it would be fun to see your vids.

    what do you say?
    (sorry my bad eng)



    It’s been suggested before; the developers don’t seem to want it.



    this was discussed in previous threads. apparently wp thinks it isn’t necessary because if one is looking for a ‘normal’ forum, thr are plenty in the net to choose from. *shrugs* i wanted one too



    You can post video clips in your blog via YouTube or Google Video. I do that whenever I am too busy to write. :)


    I have to agree with Matt and the team. This is one of the cleanest forums around: easy to search if you have a specific problem, a pleasure to browse if you’re just looking for tips or some added info.

    Why would want to go talk drivel all day about god knows what on a dedicated WP forum? If you want clutter and nonsense, you should perhaps visit MySpace or something. Seriously though, I think it’s good as it is, and any changes should be in functionality, accessibility or design, not content I think.

    You could always create your own somewhere. If the need is there, it will certainly become a popular place in no time. What do you think?

    Thanks for blogging!



    you definitely have a point, even i support that we need a forum specifically for support and ideas. but if we create a ‘normal’ forum outside of wp, it wouldn’t be the same because not every wp user will be aware of it, wp wouldn’t endorse it and thus it wouldn’t be popular, it’d be a white elephant. creating such a forum under wp means the target participants are already thr. it can be a place to promote blogging and discuss blogging issues that are not problems or troubleshooting and generally just bringing the wp community closer. it’ll be a less intimidating place for newbies for start, that’s for sure.



    IMO, “social” threads being mixed in with tech threads on the front page like we have here would not be a good idea. Although there is a Your WordPress braging forum over at WP.org and another over at MU. There are no social forums at either place.



    whats wrong whit talking and shear nonsens? if you dont like it dont be in there. What i menat was that it vouldnt be mixt whit the rest of the forums but still be on wordpress.com

    well i thougt it would be fun.



    I thought I’d like a bit of community to so I created another blog at http://bloggersburt.wordpress.com
    This is of course shameless self promotion of my second blog which I created solely for the purpose of making a place for blogger dialogue but please consider dropping in and posting a comment.
    Bloggers’ blurt is a place that creates space where you can read my web log entries and comment on them. Here I is where I share my blogging adventures and misadventures as the cyber spirit moves me. In this space I am as emotional, exuberant and/or as outraged or as outrageous as is required to “get it all out” through blogging.If you choose to visit then this space can become your place too by commenting when I:
    Rave about occasions when other bloggers lend me a helping hand and cyberlites shine brightly out of the blogging darkness;
    Report hilarious occasions and blunders that produced roll on the floor belly laughter and perhaps even a mad dash for the toilet;
    Rant about crazy-making occasions and situations that triggered a state of temporary insanity, a state of BMS (bloggers’ maniacal syndrome);
    Shout for joy my victorious YES! moments when I finally understand something I been previously did not comprehend.
    Weep about my bad and sad blogging experiences – the ones that put me down and threatened to keep me there;
    Whine about the things that cannot be changed or that someone else will not change;
    And report the transformative experiences that define my life as a blogger.


    Hey, Johnsaari, I obviously didn’t want to ridicule you and your idea – there is definitely something to say for a WP forum for discussing blog related issues that are not necessarily prolematic. I just don’t see it ‘mixed up’ in any way with this forum.

    Timethief, I was a bit confouded at first by bloggersburt directing te me to the WP blog registration page, but you simply forgot the L in your link (maybe some mod can correct that?). It’s a good example though of what I mean.

    Btw, Sulz, I don’t really see a problem with a non-endorsed forum. Perhaps you have some specific reasons or arguments for that? Maybe a lack of trustworthiness?



    nodepend: it could be as you suggested, but mostly i think that ppl won’t be so inclined to join any unknown blogging forum, for example timethief has created one of sorts but it has yet to really grow in readership (but it’s still early days). if wp sets up such a forum it would promote it in their wp-related sites thus more links and more chances of ppl getting to know abt it – timethief can only reach out to wp users through this forum and her other blog. also creating such a forum should be more detailed and complicated than a blog, because thr should be house rules and moderators and other tech stuff.

    right now the only forum i’m quite active in is this, because i’m familiar with it and the topics are relevant to my blogging and there are not too many participants in it to confuse me. it just took a few days of reading the threads to recognise the regular contributors and helpers (besides the obvious status beneath the username).



    For those who want a normal unoffical forum, fell free to hit mine. I was going to use it to support my MU install but with my host for my own personal sites balking, I guess not.


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