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A not too dull blog about grammar, punctuation and writing well

  1. wordwatchtowers

    If you’re after some handy hints and tips on how to improve your grammar, spelling and punctuation, you might find my blog useful. You’ll find short, easy-to-understand posts on various aspects of the English language, and you can also ask questions if there’s something you’re puzzled about.

    And it’s not too dull! For example, there’s a discussion under this post (towards the end of the thread) that may make you smile – depending on your sense of humour! Also – find out what someone was heard saying at a business meeting:

    Anyway – everyone is very welcome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I go to college and the teachers are still complaining that some students are using their instead of they're for example. How bad is that professor?

  3. This is great, i'm notorious with spelling and punctuation (well when i'm not on the clock I am) my fingers cant keep up with my racing thoughts at times, Brushing up on these things will increase my writing skills which is another reason I became interested in blogging.

    Thanks for the post, i'll be adding this to my list of daily reads

  4. After taking editing in college, I still find myself confused on some issues. It's a never ending learning experience.


  5. I love this one! Although I'm the only 20 year old I know who finds grammar and punctuation interesting :P Great idea for a blog!


  6. wordwatchtowers

    Hi Neil - at the risk of setting up a mutual appreciation society here, I've already commented on my own blog about how much I like yours! I mentioned there that I couldn't work out how to subscribe to your blog? Am I just being thick? Thanks for your kind words above - and thanks to others too.

    You're always welcome at Wordwatch Towers, Neil (as is everyone else). x

  7. @dbennison
    The easiest way to subscribe to another blog is to enter the URL into your Blog Surfer.

  8. @dbennison Very interesting blog I have added your blog to my blog roll on my websites sidebar. = )

  9. wordwatchtowers

    @timethief - thanks very much again for all your help.

    @t3ck - thanks very much indeed - I do appreciate it.

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