A Page that Updates Itself With Recent Posts

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    Is there anyway to create a page that shows a list of recent posts and most popular posts and updates itself? That would be a better front page for me than a page showing all my posts and their contents.



    There is not, at WordPress.com. The only way to do this is to make a static page your front page and update it by hand every time. And making any page but your blog page your front page will slaughter your Googlejuice and Technorati ranking.



    Sure, there are several ways:

    1. Try a theme that already has a different type of front page layout, such as Hemingway or Fadtastic – they’re not exactly what you’re describing but you might find you like one.

    2. Use a regular blog front page, and add custom CSS to hide the post bodies so it just shows the headlines of the most recent posts; add a Top Posts widget.

    3. Make a static front page with a short intro and prominent widgets for Recent Posts and Top Posts.

    4. Use the Sandbox theme to hide the content column on the front page and make the Recent Posts and Top Posts central and prominent.



    But wouldn’t those make the design work INSTEAD of, rather than in addition to, the regular blog? That’s not how I interpreted the request.



    Hmm, so there’s no way to do this?

    Is there any chance that wordpress.com can add a feature that lets you add the recent posts headlines feature onto a page you create? Updating it by hand would be very time consuming.

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