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    If someone has a part time home business and needs a great looking website, and their current website, which they did themselves, and is hosted by an ISP is considered ‘amateurish’, can they use one of WP’s templates and move to the WP site, while porting their domain name over there? ( design it first, then port the domain over? )

    This person cant afford much and doesn’t need huge storage or anything. It’s a site where people just call them with business. How much a month could they do that for, minimum?



    Hi there, In order to host their site here on the WordPressdotcom platform, they would need to upgrade at least to a Personal plan in order to map their custom domain name to their WordPressdotcom website. You can see all the available plans on this page: https://wordpress.com/pricing/

    More about domains:

    All plans are paid annually up front at check out but include a 30-day refund window from the date of purchase not including registering a custom domain name, which needs to be cancelled up to 48-hours after registration in order to be eligible for a refund. In the case of mapping a domain, that would fall under the 30-day refund.

    You can certainly build the site even under the Free option and only map or* transfer the domain and upgrade the site once the new WordPressdotcom site is ready. In order to keep that site under wraps until then, once you sign up for a new site you can change that site’s visibility under Privacy settings. More on that here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/privacy-settings/

    Hope that helps, but let us know if you have any other question after reading those guides.

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