A personal thank you to the volunteers

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    Here at the end of 2007, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the volunteers that help to make this one of the best forums by far. When I was first starting out in blogging the threads and answers in these forums helped me tremendously with problems I was encountering, and very quickly had me and my blog running smoothly. The forums, and my time volunteering here also brought many friendships that have made my life richer. Although you will likely see little of me here in the forums from now on, my hat is off to all the volunteers who spend tireless hours here in the forums helping others.

    This could severely shorten the life of this post, but I have never seen any sort of thank you from staff (Matt in particular) for the wonderful work the volunteers do here in the forums. I searched the forums before I added this. I don’t do things looking for recognition or thank you’s, I do them because I want to, but still.

    I bow in gratitude to the volunteers.



    ditto! Thanks, everyone!
    (and where are you going SP?)


    Let’s just say a recent event here in the forum caused me to rethink where I spend my energy.



    It’s a shame how recent events can have that kind of affect on things, but people will be people, I guess.

    SP, you’ve answered dozens of my questions without my even having to ask them myself, and so I add my sincere thanks to you and all of the other volunteers. May your new year be filled with many great new adventures and experiences!



    This is a tasteless thread looking to make trouble and create tsouris — and I hope you get your wish and it closes or gets deleted.

    To falsely prop up the “volunteers” by slamming Matt and Automattic is the height of disingenuousness.

    I’m sure there will be a phony, ongoing, “dialogue” here by the “insulted” volunteers and their minions as the topic degrades into self-congratulations and “wondering why?” certain elements are finally leaving — but the effort is so transparent and sad and I fully expect the former power clique here to attack my reply. That’s nothing new.

    Take your bellyaching to email. This is a support forum.



    On behalf of everyone at Automattic I will thank everyone who has answered someone else’s problem or question here in the forums.

    To the person with the problem they don’t care who answers or how long they have been here or how many other questions they have answered. They just want their own answer in a way they understand. So if you do answer someone you just made their day. If you like doing it (it’s why I did it in the .org forums for over 2 years) then do it again. And if it’s not your thing, that’s no problem either.

    Forums do evolve, it’s how they are. That does not mean the forum is doomed or that people are bad.

    To those who wish to thank everyone who has answered anyone, please do.
    To those who wish to use the thread for anything else, please don’t.



    Thanks, Mark, and thanks tsp. You’ve both answered my questions on occasions, as have many other very helpful people, who outweigh by far the idiots on the forum. I’m finding that I can answer one or two questions now, and it’s a fun way to waste time on the net.



    I participate in a lot of support forums online where nastiness is standard fare. It is a wonder to me on a daily basis to see the endless creativity and near-infinite patience shown by most of the folks here helping out. Kudos to each and every one of you.

    No matter how good the program, if users don’t understand it, can’t find the answers they need and can’t figure out the answer even if they find it, the program won’t get used. An active (and friendly to boot) support forum is a gold mine to be treasured.

    And, a happy 2008!



    tsp is the least passive-aggressive person around. I am sure that he simply saw the need to recognize the volunteers at this particular time and so started this thread. And he’s right. This thread is not an attack but an approval, not a negative but a positive.

    I, also, would like to thank the volunteers. I’ve been particularly unavailable lately, but every time I sign on I see people tirelessly helping in the forums, even when they should be tucked up in bed. It’s wonderful to be a part of a community where people help simply because they can and they aught to, and every time I see a new person answering questions I feel, quite frankly, a little proud of them, of the fact that they feel comfortable stepping up.

    To all volunteers, from old-timers to n00bs, thank you and have a Happy New Year.



    I agree with raincoaster about feeling proud of people (users new and old) who step up and try to help others! It really is a good feeling helping other people through their issues. That is the reason I spend time in support forums. Everyone, thanks and I hope you have a great New Year :)

    TSP, I hope you reconsider your decision to leave completely as you are a great addition and the users you have helped should speak for itself. That is what really matters isn’t it? ;) Take care and keep in touch!




    thesacredpath, thank you.
    membracid, thank you.
    fwoody, thank you.
    mark, thank you.
    raincoaster, thank you.
    trent, thank you.

    to the others who have posted and will post, thank you too. =) i hope we will enjoy another year of volunteering here.


    This forum has seen many amazing people come through and give and give selflessly. It’s been amazing and fun to be part of.



    I’ve posted thank-you’s in the past, to the forum volunteers, and let me just say again, that I think you all are awesome. Truly, no matter what time, someone is always here. I’ve boasted of you at my blog, in here and to anyone who has a petty beef about WP. I honestly think this is a fabulous place and it’s because of everyone.

    To all the volunteers I haven’t met yet, or if I’ve not mentioned you specifically in the past, please know that I appreciate you too!



    Thanks to everyone who help me with some problems



    I’d just like to offer my thanks as well. I once served as a moderator on a discussion forum with some rather controversial topics and know all too well what a thankless and exhausting job it can be. Thanks to all of you, both paid and volunteer.

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